Small scale nuclear plants the best bet for Poland: expert

I would bet on small scale plants, which would solve not only the electricity problems, but also heating,” Marcin Roszkowski, the Vice President of the Jagiellonian Institute and the Editor in Chief of Biznes Alert energy website told PolandIN.

Construction of Poland's first nuclear power plant to begin in 2026

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“Putting a large energy plant into the energy system would have serious consequences for the whole process of energy transformation,” Mr Roszkowski explained, as such units have very high energy costs relative to renewable energy and new developments in hydrogen.

Mr Roszkowski said he would bet on a programme consisting of “small-scale plants, solving not only the energy problem but also heating and industrial cooling.”

Poland was, he said, carefully observing the ‘technological developments in the United States and Japan.”

Mr Roszkowski sees the US as the only likely partner for the six nuclear energy plant building programme, which the Polish Climate Minister Mr Kurtyka described to PolandIN in September. However, the investment from the US side would need to be treated as “a kind of Marshall Plan for Central Europe.”

The energy expert said that Polish-US relations are getting closer and closer not only in defence but also in energy, meaning the import of LNG to Poland’s gasport in Świnoujście on the Baltic coast.

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