Discover the beauty of the Tatra Mountains

The Tatra Mountains region (southern Poland), which is a natural border between Poland and Slovakia, has long been a favourite of those who prefer tranquility and a peaceful atmosphere over hustle and bustle.

The village of Ząb, located in the Podhale region is known mostly for its wooden church erected between 1915 and 1921 - a stunning example of intricate carpentry. It is accompanied by a wooden chapel commemorating the visit of Pope John Paul II back in 1997. One may also come across a memorial stone that proclaims the village as the place that lays closest to heaven.

Those who seek even more idyllic vistas may wish to visit a place called Rusinowa Polana - a spacious clearing among the majestic mountains traditionally used for sheep grazing. These 20 ha of green meadows are a perfect place for communing with nature and enjoying the landscapes that have remained relatively unchanged by man.

When exploring mountain trails at this time of the year, one must remember that this lush green area is more than likely to vanish beneath a blanket of fresh snow. This season’s very first snowfall has so far only appeared on the highest peaks, such as the famous Kasprowy Wierch. People planning to go on mountain trails should remember to wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions, which can be very changeable in the Tatras.