The US marks General Pulaski Memorial Day

“The life of the Polish-American hero General Kazimierz Pułaski is a testament to our Nation’s ideals and a paragon of the cause of human freedom,” Donald J. Trump, the president of the US wrote in a proclamation marking the General Pulaski Memorial Day, celebrated in America on October 11.

Trump pays tribute to Polish military commander Pulaski

Casimir Pulaski, a Polish nobleman, soldier and military commander who fought in the American War of Independence in the 18th century, was...

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“General Pulaski’s devotion to country – and the shared values upon which our Nation and Poland were both founded – accentuates our common commitment to liberty. On General Pulaski Memorial Day, we honour and celebrate his courage and expertise in the Revolutionary War, which helped found a Nation conceived in the ideals he held most dearly,” President Trump added in the document.

Joe Biden, former Vice-president of the US and the candidate for the President of the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections also commemorated the deeds of General Pułaski.

Polish-American hero

General Kazimierz Pułaski was a hero of both Poland and the US, he fought in the American Revolutionary War. He and his friend, Michael Kovats de Fabriczy from Hungary, were called “fathers of the American cavalry.”

In 2009, General Pulaski posthumously received the title of Honorary Citizen of the US, an honour which has been given to only eight people in history.

The Polish hero is commemorated in the US in many ways. Apart from Casimir Pulaski Day, celebrated mainly in Illinois and the federal General Pulaski Memorial Day, there are counties, cities, towns, buildings, parks and other objects, as well as a nuclear submarine named after him.