President appeals for Poles to follow safety precautions against COVID-19

President Andrzej Duda appealed for Poles to wash their hands, wear a mask and to protect seniors during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Further increases in the number of infections are expected in the coming days. This is the result of behaviour patterns from a few days ago. The future also depends on us," said the President, who earlier held consultations with Chief Sanitary Inspector Jaroslaw Pinkas regarding the current and expected course of the pandemic.

Some 6,526 new coronavirus cases were confirmed on Wednesday, 116 people succumbed to the disease. This is the highest number of daily infections and deaths in Poland since the epidemic began.

The entire of Poland has been declared a “yellow zone” since last Saturday, which led to the introduction of many restrictions in order to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19 disease caused by the virus.

ECDC: Poland ranked 18th among European countries in terms of new infections

According to Wednesday's data collected by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) for 31 countries, Poland is in 18th place among Western European countries in terms of the number of coronavirus infections per 100,000 inhabitants during the last 14 days. In terms of the number of deaths from Covid-19, Poland ranks seventh.

According to the ECDC datasheet for 31 countries (European Union countries, Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland), a total of 119 SARS-CoV-2 infections were detected in Poland in the last two weeks per 100 thousand residents. The death rate per 100,000 inhabitants in Poland was 1.63.

The ECDC states on its website that the published indicators are calculated on the basis of data collected from various sources and depend on the local testing strategy, the efficiency of the laboratories and the effectiveness of the surveillance systems.

Thus, the comparison of the epidemiological situation between countries should not be based solely on these indicators, although they may be useful for monitoring the situation in individual countries.