Royal Castle in Sandomierz as an inspiring historical monument

In 2020, the District Museum in Sandomierz, south-eastern Poland, is implementing an international project - ‘The Royal Castle in Sandomierz as an inspiring historical monument’. The initiative is promoted by the Royal Castle itself in several Slovakia-based cultural institutions. It’s a unique monument considered to be one of the most stunning aspects of Polish culture, together with the District Museum, which has its head office within the castle walls.

The project also consists of vivid descriptions of the beautiful local landscapes and information about other historical buildings in the city. An exhibition of photos, a virtual walk and promotional clips will help create a positive image of Poland, Sandomierz, and the Royal Castle in the minds of Slovakians.

The exhibition has been prepared thematically. The first segment focuses on the Royal Castle and the District Museum, the history of its construction, changes and development taking place within it, through its destruction by the Swedish Army back in 1656, finishing with the History of the building in the late 19th and 20th centuries. Additionally, it contains information about the most valuable items remaining in the collection of the District Museum.

The second segment of the exhibition is dedicated to the city itself and explains why ‘little Rome’ was declared a monument of history. The photos show the most important monuments of Sandomierz. The exhibition is accompanied by two promotional films and a virtual walk.

The opening of the exhibition at the Szaryskie Museum in Bardejov, Slovakia, will take place on October 28, 2020.