Emergency pipe transferring sewage to ‘Czajka’ treatment plant dismantled

The emergency pipeline mounted on a pontoon bridge to divert the flow of waste from a broken sewage pipe that used to transport waste from the left bank of Warsaw to the Czajka treatment plant on the right bank of the city was disassembled on Friday, Poland’s public broadcaster TVP has announced.

Sappers are to commence the disassembly of the pontoon bridge on Friday.

The head of the National Water Management Authority (KZGW) Przemyslaw Daca tweeted that the discharge of waste into the Vistula has been recommenced. “The discharge continues at all times. On October 16, at 10 am the discharge amounted to 2.6 m3/s,” the official wrote.

The decision to temporarily disassemble the pontoon bridge was made by the army on Wednesday. The reason behind the decision was the rising water level of the Vistula that resulted from consecutive rainfall over recent days. The strength of the river’s current and fallen timber and branches carried by its waters have been cited as a particular threat.

Elements of the bridge are to be floated away and anchored in a safe place until the water level drops. Once the wave has passed, the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company in cooperation with the army will reassemble the pontoon bridge and the pipeline. According to KZGW’s forecast, the freshet wave is set to reach Warsaw on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Currently, the wave is near Kraków.

A pipe that transports sewage from the left bank of Warsaw to the Czajka treatment plant on the right bank of the city, under the Vistula River, broke down on August 29, just a year after the main collector pipe failed in 2019. This has prompted Warsaw’s authorities to carry out a controlled discharge of waste into the Vistula River.