TVP cameraman reportedly assaulted by son of detained businessman

A camera operator of the state-owned Polish Television (TVP) Gdańsk branch was allegedly assaulted by the son of businessman Ryszard K. (name withheld under Polish privacy laws) after his father was arrested. The cameraman was later taken to hospital.

The event occurred in front of Ryszard K.’s house. After Central Anti-Corruption Bureau officers finished searching the house and drove away with the detainee, journalists present at the scene began packing their equipment. This is when, according to the assaulted operator, the son of Ryszard K. attacked him.

“Together with the TV producer we were standing next to our car, we had all our equipment back in the car. The son of the detainee came out and in rather strong words told us to leave, but then came up and began pushing our producer,” the man said.

“I asked him to leave and let everyone do their job, then he knocked me down so hard that I hit the pavement and kicked me in the head,” he added.

The operator also assured that no one did anything to “provoke the man.”

The victim will be interviewed by the police on Friday. Meanwhile, the police have stated that proceedings in the case are ongoing. CCTV footage from the scene will be analysed by police officers.

Businessman Ryszard K. was arrested alongside the former Deputy Prime Minister in the years 2006-07, Roman G. on Thursday by the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau over participation in a group that caused damage to a listed company to the amount of PLN 90 mln (EUR 19.8 mln).