Dep MFA for Spanish daily: Poland wants equal treatment from EU

Poland's deputy foreign minister Paweł Jabłoński said in a Friday’s interview for the Madrid daily "El Mundo" that Poland wants Brussels to treat all EU members equally.

He also stressed that Warsaw does not support punishing Madrid for the bill submitted to parliament, which changes the method of electing members of the Supreme Judicial Council (CGPJ).

The deputy head of Polish diplomacy pointed out that the EU Treaty states that each of its member states has the freedom to create the administration of justice in a way that best suits its traditions in this area and the constitution.

He also pointed out that, apart from Spain, there are many other EU countries where the situation in the judiciary is similar to that which arose after the reform of the Polish judicial system, criticised by the European Commission for "excessive politicisation".

Mr Jabłoński emphasised that both Poland and Spain operated under a dictatorship for several decades, after which it was necessary to cleanse the judiciary of people who supported the regime. He also recalled that the judiciary then operated "more like a corporation than a democratically controlled power".

"That is why we decided that the best place to exercise control over the judiciary will be the parliament, where the sovereignty of the nation is concentrated," he added, noting that the judiciary reform in Poland which started in 2016 was 95% based on the reform of the Spanish judiciary in the 1980’s, shortly after the fall of the Frankist dictatorship.

The deputy minister emphasised that Poland expects the European Commission to treat all EU members in the same way, which, as he emphasised, is not the case with the reform of the judiciary. He added that Poland does not oppose the European system of monitoring compliance with the rule of law by EU members, but does not want political bodies such as the European Commission to be responsible for it.

“We need recovery funds from the Covid-19 pandemic, not a debate on how to deprive someone who does not follow rules of money that have been imposed in a biased manner. Otherwise, we are putting the European Union itself in danger", said Mr Jabłoński.

He stressed that Warsaw expected the EU to transparently allocate funds under the reconstruction program in a manner consistent with the agreed arrangements.