Most Poles support tighter COVID-19-related restrictions: poll

As many as 62 percent of Poles support the new tougher restrictions imposed after daily spikes in coronavirus infections in Poland, according to the Social Changes survey for the portal

36 percent "definitely" approved of the new stricter measures and 26 percent were "rather" in favour.

28 percent of respondents were of the opposite opinion, and 16 percent of them said they were categorically against the tightening of coronavirus-related restrictions, the poll showed.

The Polish government announced new restrictions on Thursday after the country recorded its then highest count of coronavirus infections in one day, which amounted to 8,099. The new sanitary rules are in force as of Saturday, October 17.

Poland is now divided into "yellow", with less stringent restrictions implemented, and "red" epidemiological zones with the most rigorous measures in place. A number of provincial capitals, including the Polish capital Warsaw, are in red zones.

The survey was run on October 9-12, on a representative sample of 1,083 adult Poles, using the CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) method.

The current record of new COVID-19 daily infections was broken on Saturday with 9,622 reported cases.