Development key idea behind Three Seas Initiative: President

At the Three Seas Initiative summit in Tallinn taking place on Monday, Poland’s President Andrzej Duda said that development is the key idea behind the initiative.

“We decided to cooperate because we believed that it could boost the development of our countries,” President Duda said, adding that development was the main idea of the project.

He also underlined that the countries allied in the initiative are “in a slightly tougher situation than the rest of the European Union, and especially with regard to western European states.”

"We’d been looking for tools that would allow us to speed up the development of our countries, as we wanted to catch up with Western Europe, with particular regard to the standard and quality of living, the development of the economy and so forth. That's why we decided to start this cooperation, as we believed that this way we would be able to speed up this development and, as such, we would be able to play on one team and cooperate with one another," the President said.

Due to the pandemic situation, the 5th meeting of representatives of the Three Seas countries (Poland, Lithuanian, Latvia, Estonia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia) is being held, in part, remotely. Apart from the Polish president, only the Bulgarian head of state has travelled to Tallinn. The three presidents and officials of the remaining countries will hold further talks online.