Field hospital in National Stadium to become model experiment

During Monday's press conference at the Warsaw’s National Stadium, where a temporary hospital for COVID-19 patients is to be built, journalists asked if the government plans to organise another field hospital in Poland.

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński stated that "there will be a second temporary hospital in Warsaw". Work on its preparation - he added - is led by the former Minister of Health, and currently the Voivode of Mazovia, Konstanty Radziwiłł.

He emphasized that if necessary, a network of temporary hospitals will be created throughout Poland. "Each voivode is preparing to create such a hospital in their voivodeship" - announced the minister.

During the press conference, Kamiński stressed that the temporary hospital at the Stadium for Covid-19 patients will be opened in the coming days and "will be safe for the inhabitants of Warsaw and for the inhabitants of Mazovia".

He also announced that "this week, another dozen or so thousand places in functioning hospitals will be allocated to the purposes of the fight against Covid-19."

"We are ready to open a network of such hospitals in Poland in the near future, so that all inhabitants of our country who meet this misfortune, that become infected with this dangerous virus, will have secured places with professional service," he added.

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration stated that "each time a temporary hospital is opened, it will be a branch under the supervision of a reputable large hospital with extensive experience in the fight against Covid".

Full diagnostic tests for patients in field hospitals

In field hospitals, patients can be examined with a full range of diagnostic tests, i.e. computed tomography, ultrasound and laboratory tests; we will prepare everything on the spot - says Artur Zaczyński, MD, PhD, Deputy Medical Director of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Warsaw.

During a press conference at the National Stadium, where a temporary hospital for patients with Covid-19 is to be built, Zaczyński recalled that in the spring of this year, the Central Clinical Hospital in Warsaw was transformed into a single-name hospital, dealing only with coronavirus patients.