Atom deal with Poland ‘historic’: US Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy called the agreement on the development of the Polish nuclear energy program and the nuclear industry in Poland "historic".

During the virtual ceremony, the contract was concluded by: US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette in Washington and Piotr Naimski, the government's plenipotentiary for strategic energy infrastructure in Warsaw.

As emphasized by the Department of Energy (DoE), the 30-year agreement, the first of its type, is proof of the durability of Polish-American relations in the field of energy. The agreement concerns cooperation to develop the Polish Nuclear Power Program and the civil nuclear industry in Poland.

Pursuant to the provisions of the agreement, within 18 months, Poland and the USA will jointly prepare a report containing the results of preparatory and design works carried out by leading American companies in the civil nuclear energy sector and a proposal for the program financing structure. The report will be the basis for the long-term involvement of the US, and for the Polish government to decide on the choice of a partner in the implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Program.

In addition, the agreement defines areas of cooperation "decades ahead", writes the DoE. Both in terms of support for "relevant economic entities" and activities at the level of government - from regulation, research, training of personnel, through the development of supply chains, campaigns to raise public awareness, to cooperation on projects in nuclear energy in Europe.

According to the DoE, during Monday's conversation with Naimski, Brouillette drew attention to the interest of the American nuclear industry in providing Poland with a clean, reliable and flexible energy source as a way to strengthen energy security in the region.

Piotr Naimski, in turn, stressed that the contract is not only concerned with clean energy and the security of its supply. "Poland sees this strategic cooperation in a broader context: geopolitical security, long-term economic growth, technological progress and the development of a new industrial sector," said Naimski.

Piotr Wilczek, the Polish ambassador to the US, quoted by the DoE, noted that "Poland wants to be a strategic partner". "Considering how long it takes to build, operate and dismantle a nuclear power plant, this partnership is a strategic choice for the next 100 years," he pointed out.

The updated Polish Nuclear Power Program (PPEJ) provides for the construction of six nuclear reactors with a total capacity of 6-9 GW. The first one would start operating in 2033.