Churches graffitied, masses interrupted after ruling on ‘eugenic abortion’

Some people protesting against the decision of the Constitutional Court about so-called “eugenic abortion” graffitied walls of churches in Poland and interrupted masses.

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Social media users have been reporting cases of graffitied walls on churches since Sunday morning. In many cases, the perpetrators sprayed a telephone number for women who want an abortion. There were also slogans such as “hell for women”, “Abortion without borders”, and vulgar words against the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party and Roman-Catholic Church.

Others interrupted masses held in churches on Sunday. In a church in Warsaw, a masked person stood in the middle of the temple with a banner “Let’s pray for a right of abortion”. The protesters were also encouraged to print out a special “banknote” and put it on the tray during a mass.

In Poznań, activists of pro-LGBT “Stonewell Group” interrupted a mass in the Cathedral by shouting “Barbarians”, “we are sick of it” and presenting pro-abortion banners.

The protests broke out after the Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that terminating a pregnancy in cases where doctors determine that the foetus is damaged in such a way that the child is highly probable to suffer from a severe disability is unconstitutional. Two judges had a dissenting opinion.