Abortion compromise still exists: President’s aide

“The abortion compromise still exists; the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling is a signal for the entire political class to create precise legal norms in the spirit of this compromise that will not include words such as supposition or possibility,” said President Andrzej Duda’s aide Andrzej Dera.

On private TV news channel TVN24 on Sunday, he said that the dispute after the tribunal’s ruling “is not a dispute over the constitution’s interpretation.”

“In Polish lawmaking we have an elaborate compromise, today this compromise still exists, the Constitutional Tribunal only ruled that the provisions in the compromise bill include unspecified criteria of legalisation,” he said, adding that these provisions concern the third case when abortion is legal in Poland, that is when the foetus is irreversibly damaged.

Sunday marked the fourth straight day of protests across Poland against a ruling on Thursday by the Constitutional Tribunal which deemed eugenic abortion unconstitutional.

On Thursday, Poland's Constitutional Tribunal ruled that laws currently permitting abortion due to foetal defects are unconstitutional. The ruling follows a 2019 motion to the court by 119 MPs from the ruling Law and Justice party and two opposition groupings.

In line with current abortion laws in Poland, abortion is admissible if prenatal tests reveal a high probability of irreversible damage to the foetus or its affliction with an incurable and life-endangering ailment. Other admissible cases include an immediate threat to a woman's life and incest or rape.