EC grants Poland EUR 1 bn to protect jobs

The European Commission (EC) has announced that it has granted Poland EUR 1 bn to help protect jobs. For the same purpose, money was donated to Italy and Spain, the countries most heavily affected by the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

EC President Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter in Polish on Tuesday that Poland had received a EUR 1 bn loan thanks to support from the SURE instrument of financial aid related to COVID-19 with the aim of protecting jobs and workers.

"It's just the start," she wrote. "Poland will receive a total of EUR 11.2 bn from SURE including for financing mechanisms of reduced working time."

The EC paid out a total of EUR 17 bn on Tuesday to Italy, Spain and Poland, in the first part of financial support for those countries. Italy received EUR 10 bn, Spain EUR 6 bn and Poland EUR 1 billion, EC spokesman Balazs Ujvari told a Brussels press conference.

The total amount of all payments from the SURE instrument to help protect jobs stands at EUR 27.4 bn for Italy, EUR 21.3 bn for Spain and EUR 11.2 bn for Poland.