Int’l automotive supplier opens new branch in Poland

ZF Global Electronics, a global technology company which manufactures components for the automotive industry, has opened an electronics plant in Częstochowa, southern Poland, where state-of-the-art car cameras will be produced.

It is already the investor's third facility in Czestochowa, after a seat belt manufacturing plant and an airbag production plant. The new factory was built within the Katowice Special Economic Zone.

The company has also expanded its production activities in the field of advanced driver assistance technologies.

The Częstochowa electronics plant is the company’s first greenfield project in Eastern Europe. The cameras produced at the facility, also made by ZF plants in China and the US, offer a 100-degree horizontal field of view.

ZF Global Electronics is one of the leading suppliers to the automotive industry in the world, specialising in drive, chassis and vehicle safety systems. Components manufactured at ZF plants in Częstochowa are to be exported to the global leading automotive concerns.