Polish deputy FM urges Belarusian govt to hold talks with opposition

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz on Tuesday said that Belarusian opposition leaders working within the Coordinating Council have proven their efficiency and social mandate, and urged the Belarusian government to hold dialogue with protesters.

"The awakening of Belarusians is rooted in people's determination and will. They deserve support, therefore, keeping Belarus on the agenda is a joint responsibility of both Central and Eastern Europe and the entire EU," Przydacz was quoted as saying during a Tuesday webinar on the situation in Belarus by the Polish Foreign Ministry.

Protests have been ongoing in Belarus since the contested August 9 presidential elections that the protesters say were rigged, giving yet another term of office to the incumbent strongman, Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko has failed to meet the opposition's recent demands to step down, stop violence against protesters in the streets and release all political prisoners.

Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday that a 'terrorist war' was being waged against Belarus.

Belarusians have been holding demonstrations across the country, including in workplaces and at universities.