President’s daughter critical of Constitutional Court’s ruling on abortion

Kinga Duda, the daughter of the Polish President, issued a statement in which she referred to the ongoing protests against the Constitutional Court (TK) ruling on the so-called ‘eugenic abortion’ and stressed that she has always “considered the ‘abortion compromise’ as a reasonable solution.”

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“I believe that my opinions and views are my private business and I am not obliged to share them with the public opinion. But (...) as a young woman, which might be a mother someday I have decided to, as an exception, present my opinion on the ruling of the TK from October 22,” the statement reads.

“The solution that existed thus far offered a possibility of choice, not an obligation. A woman could, but did not have to use that right. In such an unimaginably difficult situation as giving birth to a child, which can die minutes or hours after birth, the decision should remain hers and be made in line with [her] own conscience, value system and views, because it is the woman who will face consequences of her decision for the rest of her life,” Ms Duda wrote.

“I believe that in line with my personal views, I would not decide to terminate the pregnancy, but I do not believe that other women have to think and act like me. Every person has a free will,” she stated.

“As every compromise, this was not an ideal one and was not satisfactory for both supporters of unlimited abortion and those that are pro-life. But for 27 years for the majority of the society it has been a balanced and acceptable solution regarding the issue of terminating pregnancies,” she emphasised.

“So I cannot agree with the consequences brought by the ruling of the Constitutional Court. I think that the MPs who are legislators in Poland, should as soon as possible find a reasonable and compromise solution in order to end the current dispute caused by the verdict,” the President’s daughter stressed.

Ms Duda also referred to the protests that are ongoing all over Poland and even abroad. “I understand the outrage of women about the verdict from October 22. The discussion that primarily was about the ruling now appears a revolt against everything. Some protesters take extreme steps which are unacceptable, [such as] acts of violence, damaging property, churches, insulting people that do not agree with radical protesting groups. Expressing views in an aggressive and insulting way, calling for violating the law by any side of the dispute cannot be accepted,” she wrote.

The authenticity of the statement published on her Twitter account was confirmed by President’s spokesman Błażej Spychalski.