Pope calls on Poles to embrace most fragile even when heroic love is required

During his Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis addressed the Polish-speaking community and gave a strong message in defence of life which came in the time of protests against the Polish Constitutional Court's ruling which makes abortion possible only in cases of a pregnancy being the result of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger.

“I ask God to place in every person's heart respect for the life of our brothers and sisters, especially for the most fragile and defenceless; and to strengthen those who embrace them and care for them, even when that requires heroic love,” the Pope said, adding “God bless you!”

Pope Francis also recalled John Paul II always called for the protection of life.

“On October 22 we celebrated the liturgical memorial of St. John Paul II, in this centenary year of his birth. He always appealed for a privileged love for the least and the defenceless, and for the protection of every human being from conception until natural death,” the Pope said.

“Through the intercession of Holy Mary and the holy Polish pontiff, I ask God to fill the hearts of all with respect for the life of our brothers, especially of the most fragile and defenceless, and to give strength to those who welcome and care for them, even when it requires heroic love,” he added.