Poll: 54% in favour and 43% against the abortion ruling protests

An opinion poll conducted by the “Kantar” agency for daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” shows 54 percent of the sample supporting the protests and 43 percent against. But the same research found that only 22 percent of voters supported the central demand of the protesters; abortion on demand.

The poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday showed majority support for the protests but not for abortion on demand. 62 percent of those polled were prepared to support abortion, but only under certain conditions such as lethal damage to the foetus, rape or the mother’s health and life being under threat. Only 11 percent of those polled supported a total ban on abortion.

Constitutional court ruling unpopular

The actual ruling of the constitutional court was opposed by 73 percent of those polled. Only 13 percent supported the ruling.

The electorate of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) was evenly split on the constitutional court’s ruling with 37 percent in favour of it and 36 percent against. Among opposition voters an overwhelming majority, 90 percent, were opposed to the ruling.

The attitudes to the ruling explain why the protests are receiving widespread backing. But the organisers of the protests need to take note of the fact that the central demand of the protests, abortion on demand is supported by less than one in four voters. They will also note that not all critics of the constitutional court’s ruling support the protests.

The polling research also provides food for thought to the ruling PiS. It shows that actually over 60 percent want abortion restricted but allowed in a limited number of circumstances. Support for a total ban on abortion is even lower than public support for abortion on demand.

However, the ruling party will take some comfort from the fact that despite the unpopularity of the court’s ruling 43 percent of voters are opposed to the protests taking place and that those supporting the protests do not seem to be onboard with many of the demands which the radical “Women’s Strike” movement are making.