We should not yield to demands for revolution: President

Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday criticised mass demonstrations that have been sweeping across Polish towns and cities since October 22 after the tightening of abortion laws by the country’s Constitutional Tribunal (TK).

President’s daughter critical of Constitutional Court’s ruling on abortion

Kinga Duda, the daughter of the Polish President, issued a statement in which she referred to the ongoing protests against the Constitutional Court...

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"We have democracy and people can hold different views and I am aware that there are groups in Poland that demand a sudden turn to the left. But to make such turns, a democratic state has elections. When election time comes, people can assess the government at the ballot boxes, they will be able to elect new candidates to parliament and a new government can be formed, then we will see what preferences Polish society has," the president told commercial radio broadcaster RMF FM.

The president said that the fact that “a group of people takes to the streets and demands a revolution in Poland does not mean that we should yield to that.”

Poland has recently imposed restrictions on mass gatherings to stem the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, limiting the number of people at public gatherings to five.

The president appealed for peace and focusing on fighting the pandemic and criticised the protesters’ actions against the Church, including the disruption of masses and spraying slogans on church facades.

He also suggested that “some political group” has used the abortion verdict "to pursue their goals."

Another day of anti-abortion ruling protests underway across Poland

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On Wednesday, in a more conciliatory tone, the president said that he expected the ruling camp to prepare a law that would calm down the protesters, adding that he was ready to get involved in drafting such legislation.

He suggested the new draft should allow abortion in the most serious cases of foetal damage, including those where the child was expected to die immediately or soon after birth but should exclude Down’s syndrome.

Earlier on Wednesday, the President’s daughter Kinga Duda also expressed her opinion about the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TK), writing that the “abortion compromise” that was in force in Poland for many years was a “reasonable solution”.

On October 22, TK ruled that terminating a pregnancy in cases where doctors determine that the foetus is damaged in such a way that the child is highly probable to suffer from a severe disability is unconstitutional. Two judges had a dissenting opinion.

This sentence outraged thousands of Poles, especially young people, across Poland and even abroad. Protests against the ruling of TK took place in towns and cities all over the country and further manifestations are planned to take place in the coming days.