Police react firmly to law violations during protests: Police chief

In cases of clear violation of the law, police officers are reacting firmly, General Jarosław Szymczyk, the police head, told Polish public radio. He referred to attacks on churches and acts of violence during the ongoing protests in Poland.

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He said that he would disagree with opinions that the police are “too soft.” Everywhere, where there are cases of aggression or destruction of property, the police react in a decisive way,” Gen. Szymczyk stressed.

“We have detained nearly 80 people because of the aggressive behaviour and we are conducting more than 100 investigations concerning destruction of property,” he added.

The head of the police also referred to the acts of violation of pandemic restrictions during the protests. “Gatherings of over five people are classified as misdemeanours, not crimes. They are not a basis for detention,” Gen. Szymczyk stressed.

“We are fully aware of how the crowd that gathers spontaneously acts. Our absolute priority is the safety of the people,” he assured.

On October 22, the Constitutional Courts (TK) ruled that terminating a pregnancy in cases where doctors determine that the foetus is damaged in such a way that the child is highly probable to suffer from a severe disability is unconstitutional. Two judges had a dissenting opinion.

This sentence outraged thousands of Poles, especially young people, across Poland and even abroad. Protests against the ruling of TK took place in towns and cities all over the country and further manifestations are planned to take place in the coming days.

General Szymczyk announced that around 430,000 people took part in 410 protests all over Poland on Wednesday.