Belarus closes borders with Poland and Lithuania

Poland's Foreign Ministry informed on Thursday that Belarus has closed its borders with Poland and Lithuania.

According to the ministry, Belarus's actions are a response to the rising number of coronavirus infections in Poland.

The country can only be entered by diplomats, truck drivers and train crews. Belarusian authorities also said that the border crossing at Minsk's international airport is unaffected by the border closures and will continue to function as normal.

The Foreign Ministry added that the new restrictions apply only to foreigners and Belarusian citizens are free to enter their country.

Tension between Poland and Belarus

The Belarusian president has accused his Polish counterpart, Andrzej Duda, of winning reelection by rigging the voting, Belarusian BielTA agency reported on Thursday. "Duda won in Poland by falsifying the elections. There was not even a percent of advantage", the agency quoted Alexander Lukashenko.

Krzysztof Szczerski, President Duda’s aide, dismissed the claims as "ridiculous" and said that he could only congratulate Poland's opposition on having a new ally.

The change of the Belarusian president’s attitude towards Andrzej Duda is surprising for many, because on July 14 he officially congratulated him on winning the elections. "The choice of tens of millions of Poles proves society's support for the course of strengthening the Polish state, improving the prosperity and security of its citizens," he wrote then.