COVID-19: State-owned firms to build field hospitals

PM Mateusz Morawiecki has ordered six big Polish state-owned companies to create field hospitals to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, the head of the PM’s Office Michał Dworczyk, said on Friday.

Mr Dworczyk also told public radio that among the cities to get such hospitals are Płock and Ostrołęka, medium-sized cities about 110-125 km from Warsaw where there have been large numbers of infections.

Field hospitals should ensure around 5,500 additional beds for the treatment of COVID-19 patients, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) wrote, adding that at least one such hospital would be assembled per province. For the time being, temporary hospitals have been launched in Kraków and Warsaw. The remaining hospitals are to be made operational in November.

In Warsaw, a field hospital was opened on Thursday at the Polish Energy Group-named National Stadium in Warsaw.

“We are opening 300 beds as we speak,” Mr Dworczyk said on Thursday during the opening ceremony, adding that the number of beds at the provisional hospital at the PGE Stadium is to reach 1,200. “One hundred out of these 1,200 beds are to be Intensive Care ones,” Mr Dworczyk said, adding that “all of the [1,200] beds will be connected to oxygen supplies.”

The provisional hospital at the PGE Stadium is a branch of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw. Besides the hospital at the PGE Stadium, another one will be launched at the EXPO XXI event hall and will be supervised by the Military Medical Institute (WIM).

Meanwhile, in Kraków, a field hospital was launched on Monday at one of the University Hospital in Kraków’s former facilities. The hospital has 32 beds and eight intensive care units at its disposal, but the number is to increase to 200 and 30 respectively.

A second field hospital in Kraków is to be launched at EXPO Kraków event hall and host as many as 400 beds.

By November 20, a field hospital at the city of Kielce’s expo halls is to be launched. A total of 300 beds for COVID-19 patients are to be made available at the hospital with a possibility to expand the number to 1,000. The hospital is to offer 50 ventilators. The recruitment of hospital personnel is to begin in the next days. Kielce city authorities also consider transforming the Busko-Zdrój Health Resort into a field hospital with 1,000 beds for COVID-19 patients.

In the Lubuskie province, a hospital will be launched in the town of Zielona Góra offering 170 COVID-19 beds and 25 ventilators. The hospital will be operational by December 7. Should it be necessary, a provisional clinic could be established at the Zielona Góra sports hall at the cost of PLN 12 mln (EUR 2.59 mln). No formal decisions have been made with this regard yet.

In Wrocław, a field hospital at a congress centre at Rakietowa Street is to be ready by the end of November with 400 COVID-19 beds and 50 ventilators available. Work on building adaptation has already begun.

Two field hospitals are under construction in the northwestern city of Szczecin, one at the Netto Arena, another one at the Clinical Hospital nr 2 of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin.

A total of 50 COVID-19 beds are being prepared at the Warmińsko-Mazurskie province’s District Hospital in Nidzica. Meanwhile, in the same province, 70 COVID-19 beds are to be made available at the District Hospital in Szczytno. A spokesperson of the province head said that discussion has been underway on the opening of a third venue for the treatment of COVID-19 patients in the form of a field hospital.

In the northeastern city of Białystok, a field hospital is to be established at the Medical University’s sports hall. The hospital is to have 80 COVID-19 beds. Moreover, two floors of the Białystok Clinical Hospital’ pulmonology clinic are to be dedicated to COVID-19 patients and are to offer 80 beds.

In Lublin, a field hospital is to be opened at the Lublin Trade Fair facilities with a total of 480- 560 COVID-19 beds.

In the southeastern city of Rzeszów, a field hospital is assembled in the new wing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration Hospital with up to 160 COVID-19 beds and 40 ventilators to be made available. The head of the hospital said that the equipment should be ready by November 26.

By November 30, a field hospital is to be established at the MTP Group’s Poznań Trade Fair with 548 beds and 48 ventilators at patients’ disposal.

In the Kujawsko-pomorskie province, a field hospital is to be created at the Military Health Resort Hospital in Ciechocinek. A total of 250 beds, 150 oxygen units and 70 ventilators are to be made available. The transformation of the hospital is to begin on Monday.

In the central Polish city of Łódź, the city’s Expo hall is to be altered to the role of a field hospital with 250-275 COVID-19 beds to be made available. At the first stage of its functioning, the hospital will accept COVID-19 patients with mild up to average COVID-19 conditions who do not require ventilation.

In the southern city of Opole, a field hospital is to be launched at the Congress-Expo Centre offering some 200 beds.

Whereas Katowice, a field hospital is to be assembled at the International Congress Centre with around 500 beds, including intensive care units.