Political scene divided on President’s abortion law draft amendment

The President’s proposed bill has been submitted to the marshal's staff. It is being analysed and the appropriate procedure will be taken, the spokeswoman of the ruling party Anita Czerwińska told PAP, when asked to comment on Andrzej Duda's initiative regarding the abortion law.

On Friday, Polish President Andrzej Duda filed an amended bill on family planning, protection of the human foetus and conditions allowing for the termination of pregnancy.

His amendment makes abortion possible if the foetus suffers from a lethal condition or when the pregnancy is highly likely to end with the new-born’s death.

President’s initiative ‘a chance to defuse the crisis’

In this difficult moment for all of us, the initiative of President Andrzej Duda is a chance to defuse the crisis”, said Jarosław Gowin, the Deputy PM and the leader of the Agreement party.

In his opinion, the amended bill “is a wise attempt to reconcile various arguments" and is welcomed by his party, as it “corresponds to its proposals”.

The Agreement politicians called on "all parliamentary groups to support the president's initiative".

Left adamant about their postulates

In reaction to the President’s initiative, the MPs of the Left party stated that they would not support any compromise on abortion, as “further moving the wall to the right and depriving us of our rights piece by piece is unacceptable”.

In their opinion, Andrzej Duda's initiative will not solve the current crisis. The party also questions the objectivity of the advisors the President contacted while preparing the amendment.

According to the MP Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk, two steps should be taken to overcome the crisis and to calm the demonstrators down. Firstly, adopt the Left’s amendment that decriminalises abortion support, and then proceed with a project matching the will of at least 60 percent of Polish society, that is, a project liberalising the anti-abortion law.

MP Magdalena Biejat recalled that the Left proposed legalising abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy without any compromises and without any conditions.

"We want to enable women to choose the right moment for entering motherhood, when they are ready for it and when they want it. This is what women who take to the streets en masse demand”, she stated.

On October 22, Poland’s Constitutional Court (TK) ruled that terminating a pregnancy in cases where doctors determine that the foetus is damaged in such a way that the child is highly probable to suffer from a severe disability is unconstitutional. Two judges had a dissenting opinion.

This sentence outraged thousands of Poles, especially young people, across Poland and even abroad. Protests against the TK’s ruling took place in towns and cities all over the country and further manifestations are planned to take place in the coming days.