PM invites opposition to talks on abortion law on Monday

On Thursday, there were attempts to invite representatives of the opposition to talks regarding the abortion law, but they were not accepted, so I renewed the invitation for Monday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday.

“We need to talk about this. We are ready to present a compromise proposal, which will then be legislated as quickly as possible and the subject will be clarified", PM Morawiecki said.

"I am open to clarify, agree and act in such a way that will fully placate the vast majority of protesters who felt a certain threat related to the new situation that arose," the PM stressed.

Referring to the wave of protests, underway for over a week now, the PM stated that the government “did not want to intervene because of the very young age of the demonstrators” and that “it would not be the right approach at this stage”.

"But we firmly oppose any acts of vandalism, destruction of monuments, desecration and attacking churches, attacking our tradition", the PM stated.

On Friday, Polish President Andrzej Duda filed an amended bill on family planning, protection of the human foetus and conditions allowing for the termination of pregnancy. His amendment makes abortion possible if the foetus suffers from a terminal condition or when the pregnancy is highly likely to end with the new-born’s death.

In the PM’s opinion, the president's proposal is “very good” and should start the dialogue "very soon, preferably today", and “clarify any doubts as to the provisions’ interpretations, the issues that bother so many of you".

"Today I hope that through the President's proposal the vast majority of us will realise that we need to talk. The proposal is very open, and I think it will calm first of all women and then soon calm all the protesters", he said.

Protests against the tightening of the abortion law have been ongoing all over Poland since October 22, following the Constitutional Court’s ruling, according to which the provision, under the 1993 Act, allowing the admissibility of abortion in the case of a high probability of severe and irreversible defect of the foetus or an incurable disease that threatens its life, is unconstitutional. The court itself is viewed by the opposition as being dominated by the ruling party (PiS) nominees and thus under the influence of its leader, Jarosław Kaczyński.