Pay a visit to cheeky albino acrobat from Gdańsk Zoo

Kokosanka is a unique African penguin inhabiting Gdańsk Zoo. She was named after a Polish coconut cookie and has become famous for her acrobatic skills.

She was born in December 2018, causing a stir in the world of zoology, as the birth of an albino specimen is a very rare phenomenon. Kokosanka is a talented climber herself, being able to jump from rock to rock with ease.

Albino individuals, although arousing human interest, face numerous threats in their life. Not only are they in danger of being rejected by the colony, but they're also vulnerable to diseases as they lack pigment, which has protective properties. Fortunately, Kokosanka was accepted by her fellow species and can look towards the future with a smile on her beak.

The African penguin lives in the wild off the coast of South Africa. Penguins of this endangered species can live up to 20 years.