It’s not all about pierogi: explore vast world of Polish cuisine

Although the traditional dumplings called “pierogi” are one of Poland's most distinctive dishes, there are many more delicacies to sample and enjoy.

Pierogi come in many shapes and sizes, they may be cooked and fried, but the biggest difference lies in the stuffing. One can encounter these dumplings stuffed with cabbage and mushrooms, minced meat, cheese, fruits and many other exquisite variations.

Schabowy is a pork cutlet rolled in breadcrumbs. This common guest on Polish plates is simple to prepare and delicious in taste, especially in the company of mashed potatoes.

More sophisticated, but at the same time definitely a time-consuming dish to prepare which is worth trying is bigos - a type of hunter’s stew whose basic ingredients are cabbage, meat and sauerkraut.

The Silesian region offers an alternative to pierogi - the so-called kluski, cooked potato dumplings often served with sauce, which often accompany another popular dish - a beef roll called rolada.

Those with a sweet tooth can travel to Poznań to taste the exceptional St. Martin’s croissants, or head towards Toruń in search of the city’s distinctive gingerbread.