Virtual doctorate

An international team of experts praised the research proposal from an employee of the Faculty of Architecture of the Białystok University of Technology (PB). MSc. Bartosz Śliwecki will study architecture created in virtual reality as part of his doctorate.

Poland has been hailed a centre of innovation after Bartosz Śliwecki joined a small group of participants of workshops for doctoral students as part of the ECAADE (Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe) conference in Berlin.

Over a dozen architecture and urban planning experts from Portugal, Germany, the USA, England and Finland assessed the ideas for doctoral dissertations submitted by participants during the two-day online workshop. The specialists decided that the research proposal presented by the PB employee was one of the top three.

Bartosz Śliwecki intends to investigate how people perceive architectural space in the virtual world. The results of his research can be used to improve the design of new games, create user-friendly simulations or VR (Virtual Reality) worlds.