Pink-slipped check out: every third person in hotel industry lost job in 2020

As many as 38 percent of hotel industry employees lost their jobs this year, the Chamber of Polish Hotel Industry (IGHP) reported.

According to the chamber, without immediate government support, another 16 percent of jobs may disappear this year, which means 110,000 people will be laid off.

“Due to the pandemic-induced dramatic economic situation, as many as 38 percent of hotel jobs... were cancelled from the beginning of the year till the end of October,” the IGHP wrote.

Ireneusz Węgłowski, the IGHP head said that the employment reduction within the hotel industry “may exceed half of the number of people employed in hotels compared to before the pandemic.”

The chamber reported that this meant that around 40,000 people would be laid off. Across the whole accommodation sector, the reduction in employment could affect 110,000 jobs. As hotel business activities will continue to be limited and the number of jobs will keep on dropping, other collaborating businesses, delivery and hotel services will suffer as well, the chamber stressed.

Mr Węgłowski felt that the data indicated glaringly insufficient financial help from the state. “The so-called financial shields and stimulus packages turned out too frail to help the hotel business, which is already on the brink of attrition. We must understand that if help does not come, another 44,000 jobs are under threat and that those laid-off will join the jobless,” he said.

In line with the government’s decision, until November 29, hotels are only available for people on business trips, medics, patients and their carers. Hotel guests and staff are obliged to cover their mouths and noses. Face masks can only be taken off during meals at hotel restaurants which are only available to hotel guests.

Clubs, discotheques and dancing spaces must not operate at hotels.