Poland’s chief sanitary inspector resigns

Jarosław Pinkas, Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspector has resigned, Piotr Müller, the spokesman for the Polish government officially confirmed on Friday.

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“Chief Sanitary Inspector [Jarosław] Pinkas resigned from his position for health reasons. The Prime Minister has accepted the resignation,” Mr Müller tweeted.

Mr Pinkas’ deputy, Krzysztof Saczka will take over as acting chief sanitary inspector.

“I made my decision with a heavy heart. I realised that fulfilling my mission with full devotion is currently impossible,” the outgoing inspector announced in a statement. He stressed that he had to resign in the face of worsening health conditions and the necessity of treatment.

“When I took my post, I had dreams of conducting many reforms, which would make our work better, more efficient and more innovative in the service of public health. Their introduction was not always easy or possible,” he added.

Mr Pinkas emphasised that recent months were dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We received many additional and difficult duties. But the experience has shown that we were able to stand in line in the face of major healthcare challenges. I am convinced that it was a priceless test for us. Again, our institution has proven to be a key pillar in the healthcare system. We are at a different place compared to past months and better prepared for further challenges,” Mr Pinkas claimed.