COVID-19: Health Ministry presents cases thresholds and pertinent restrictions

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski laid out how the average number of daily cases over seven days will translate to the level of restrictions applied.

Minister Niedzielski said on Saturday that “when the average daily cases over seven days drops below 19,000, we expect a return to the ‘red zone’ restrictions. With the level of daily cases dropping below 10,000, ‘yellow zone’ restrictions will be implemented, and should the curve fall below 4,000, ‘green zone’ restrictions will be introduced.”

“All of this can also take a negative turn, which means, we may have to deal with the pandemic gaining in pace because we are at a critical point now and this scenario we also take into account,” the official said.

“We also envisage the possibility of introducing a nation-wide quarantine, should we [society] cross an average of 27,000 new [daily] cases [over seven days] because these are the thresholds that we’ve established,” Mr Niedzielski said.

The official added that by publishing the thresholds and their relation to the number of new daily cases, the government introduces predictability and transparency of solutions and restrictions so that no one is caught off-guard. The minister stressed that in his opinion “these are conditional plans depending on the number of new cases and to what extent hospital infrastructure becomes overloaded.”