Winter arrives in Tatra Mountains

Winter weather warnings were issued by the Tatra National Park earlier today. Hiking conditions are difficult due to several centimetres of snow on many trails and ice occurring in many parts of the mountain range.

Yesterday, the Tatra Volunteer Search and Rescue (TOPR) appealed to tourists to postpone hiking in the upper parts of the mountains and asked that hikers be extra careful in the lower parts of the range.

Tourists have also been asked to avoid stepping onto the ice covering the Tatra’s ponds and lakes as the ice layer is very thin and could easily break.

The Tatra National Park reminds tourists to adjust their hiking routes to the current weather conditions, personal fitness level, and experience to ensure that everyone returns home before dark, which falls early in late November. Hikers should also be weary of sudden weather changes in the mountains that could bring unexpected rain, snow and strong winds.