Poland and Hungary persecuted for being conservative: expert

In an article in US Newsweek a Spanish expert from the Foundation Civismo, Jorge Gonzalez-Gallarza published an opinion about the relations between EU leadership and its stance against Poland and Hungary. In the author's view the decision to launch the infringement procedure against Poland, based on the alleged violations of the “rule of law” is actually a political decision taken to challenge the conservative government.

The author of the article “The EU's Democratic Backsliding Against Poland and Hungary” describes the situation between Poland, Hungary and the EU as being a result of the political division between the liberal left and conservatives.

The official grounds for accusing the Polish and Hungarian government of violating the rule of law is in the author’s opinion based on undefined legal definitions. Gonzalez-Gallarza gives an example of the disciplinary mechanism established by the Polish parliament in 2019, which is a common practise in most European countries.

However, the Polish law was challenged by the EU which resulted in the triggering of the infringement procedure based on non-legal arguments.

The author argues that the entire conflict is based on political differences between the supporters of euro-federalism and the union of nation-states.

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