‘Photographic atlas of pandemic’ goes online

Around 60 photographs presenting the everyday life of Poles during the spring COVID-19 lockdown can be viewed on the virtual exhibition “Photographic atlas of the pandemic.”

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It was organised by the Culture Facility in Białystok (BOK), north-east Poland, which encouraged Poles to send pictures presenting personal stories from the lockdown imposed in the Spring.

“More than 100 photographs from both amateurs and professional photographers were sent,” Marcin Pawlukiewicz from BOK, one of the initiators said. These were mainly photos from the region of Białystok, but there are some from different parts of Poland and even abroad.

“Among popular topics there was often loneliness, isolation, being locked at home with children, but also lockdown allowing development of one’s passions. There were different kinds of information which we received via signs ‘please wear a mask’ ‘please disinfect hands’. One of the topics was emptiness – empty London, empty shopping centres and playgrounds,” Mr Pawlukiewicz said.

The exhibition in the online Photogallery VirtuRama presents only a selection of the photos. “I wanted the exhibition to show the emotions, but also document aspects of this moment,” he said.

From Monday, the photographs will also be exhibited in a special cube, placed in front of the premises of BOK.

The “Photographic atlas of the pandemic” can be visited at this address.