Revealing names of police officers is a crime: Justice Minister

Zbigniew Ziobro, the Justice Minister and the General Prosecutor announced that he had ordered an investigation against all those who revealed the names and addresses of police officers after Wednesday’s protests against abortion restrictions.

Heated debate in parliament following more abortion protests

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“Guaranteeing the security of Police officers, especially those that are combating the most dangerous criminals is a key issue. While risking their own lives, the officers have a right to live without fear when they return home. They and their families have to feel safe, and the state they serve has to secure this,” the minister was quoted as saying in a statement published on Sunday.

“The names and addresses of the police officers are secret to protect them from revenge by the criminal world. Revealing their identities is not only unethical and immoral but above all causes a direct threat to their health and lives and their close relatives,” Mr Ziobro added.

“The Polish state has a duty to protect the police officers. This is why I ordered the Warsaw’s Prosecutor’s office to start a penal procedure against all those who revealed the names and addresses of police officers,” the statement reads.

Wednesday evening was another day of protests in Warsaw against the decision of the Constitutional Court (TK) tightening abortion rights. There were some violent incidents during the protest, according to reports, the police used tear gas, stun grenades and telescopic batons.

After the protests, images of police officers using these measures were published on social media.

“It is outrageous that their security is violated by Polish MPs,” Mr Ziobro said.