Ski jumping: season’s first individual competition full of surprises

Markus Eisenbichler of Germany won the first individual competition of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup held in Wisła, southern Poland. The best of the Poles, Piotr Żyła, finished the contest in fifth place.

Ski Jumping: Poles third in competition inaugurating World Cup 2020/2021

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From the beginning of the competition, organisers had problems with a strong wind, which influenced the results of the jumpers. The judges had to lower the starting gate a few times, but the wind still interfered.

The leader after the first round was the Slovenian jumper Anže Lanišek who flew 136 metres. Daniel Huber of Austria who is second flew 138.5m but received fewer points for his jump and Markus Eisenbichler was third with 137.5m.

Seven Poles out of a total of eleven made it to the final round. Piotr Żyła was sixth, Klemens Murańska was eighth, Dawid Kubacki was ninth, Kamil Stoch took eleventh place, Maciej Kot finished the first round in 22nd place, Andrzej Stękała was 26th and Stefan Hula – 29th.

Stefan Kraft of Austria, the winner of the previous season did not manage to get into the final round, after jumping only 112 metres, Daniel Andre Tande also did not make it to the second phase, while Peter Prevc of Slovenia finished the first round in 30th place.

Austrian jumper Jan Hoerl was disqualified after he exceeded the time to commence his attempt.!

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Eisenbichler victorious, not the best day for Poles,

Markus Eisenbichler showed the best performance on Sunday. He flew 134m in the second round and won with 9 points advantage over his teammate Karl Geiger. Daniel Huber of Austria was third.

Piotr Żyła was the best among Poles, he flew 128m and finished the contest in 5th place. Dawid Kubacki did not improve his position, after jumping only 116m and finished the competition in 11th place. Andrzej Stękała recorded the best improvement, and was classified in 19th place.

Maciej Kot finished in 21st place, Klemens Murańka jumped 107m and fell to 22nd place.

Kamil Stoch was very unsuccessful in the second round, jumped only 104m and finally dropped to 27th position, together with Japanese jumper Ryoyu Kobayashi, whose result is also a surprise. Stefan Hula was 29th.

On Saturday, Poland was third in the team competition held in Wisła.