Deputy Health minister presents ‘plan for rebuilding Poles’ health’

The prophylactic programme for people 40+ including morphology, cholesterol, urea and creatinine tests for around 13.5 mln people are included in the programme of the post-pandemic “rebuilding of Poles’ health,” Waldemar Kraska, a deputy health minister told Polish public broadcaster TVP.

Poland to refocus on general health from January

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Mr Kraska stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a drop in the diagnostics and treatment of patients. “This is why many diseases show up with twice the force,” he said.

As the deputy minister added, next year when there will be a vaccine and the pandemic will be contained, the programme of rebuilding Poles’ health will be implemented. One of its elements will be removing the limits of specialist doctors, broadening nationwide the pilot programme for oncology and cardiology, and prophylaxis for people aged 40 to 65 years old.

“We want to introduce a diagnostic test in a simple package for them, including morphology, cholesterol, urea and creatinine tests and – for men – tests for prostate cancer antigen,” he said.

Mr Kraska also pointed out that the slogan “stay at home” should not concern those patients, who require a visit to the doctor. “Poles still have heart, lungs and kidneys conditions. If we have doubts, we should contact the basic healthcare doctor (POZ). If there is a need for diagnostics or hospitalisation, they will issue a referral,” the deputy minister added.