Brexit deal in Poland's interest: diplomats

On Monday, Polish diplomats have said it is in Poland’s interest that the EU and the UK secure a Brexit deal, while warning that time for a deal to be struck is running out.

"Time is very short for the Brexit negotiations," Poland's Permanent representation at the EU wrote on Twitter on Monday. "Michel Barnier [The European Union's Brexit negotiator] and his team need our support in these crucial days as they work tirelessly for the best possible compromise, which will define the future of the EU-Great Britain relationship. A deal is very important and in Poland's interest”, they stated.

Earlier in the day, Mr Barnier announced that both sides had been working hard to reach a deal.

"After technical discussions this weekend, negotiations continue online today with David Frost and our teams," the chief EU negotiator wrote on Twitter. "Time is short. Fundamental divergences still remain, but we are continuing to work hard for a deal."

A lack of agreement before December 31, 2020, when the transition period after Brexit ends, will mean that, as of January 1, 2021, EU-UK trade will be governed by the World Trade Organisation's general regulations envisaging customs duties, quantity quotas and other barriers.

More changes in agri-food trade

Some of the transitional trade provisions related to Brexit expire at the end of the year. The changes will include, for example, food trade between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which means new rules for domestic companies shipping goods to Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Ryszard Bartosik recalled that the UK is the second largest recipient of Polish food only after Germany. He advised entities exporting agri-food products there to follow the updates on the negotiated trade agreement between Brussels and London.

"We want to keep ties with the UK in the field of agri-food trade. From January to August, the value of our food exports shipped there amounted to EUR 1.9 bn and, on a year-on-year basis, increased by 6 percent, even despite the pandemic. We would like to maintain this trend", Mr Bartosik pointed out.