President Duda donates plasma and encourages Poles to do so

"I recovered, I donated plasma and I encourage all of you convalescents to do so!", said Andrzej Duda in a short video published on Monday.

President Duda visited a blood donation clinic, where he donated plasma, which is used in therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. He also encouraged the convalescents to check for antibodies and donate plasma if approved by medical services.

On November 4, the president ended the isolation that resulted from his infection with the coronavirus.

The number of plasma donors in Poland is constantly rising. The director of the National Blood Center, Małgorzata Lorek, said that about a thousand plasma units from 300 donors are being collected daily across the country.

She also reported that currently more than 500 units are used per day, while in the holiday months, 300 were used per month. About 8,000 people have benefited from the therapy so far.

Convalescents who wish to donate plasma are asked to call the regional Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment.