Another wave of protests in Warsaw

Demonstrators blocked the entrance gate of the Ministry of National Education (MEN) as part of a protest under the slogan "Free abortion and free education". There were also street blocks in the capital as part of subsequent protests related to the tightening of the abortion law.

Under the slogan "Free Abortion and Free Education", a protest was held in front of the MEN. The students blocked the entrance gate to the ministry, with some chaining themselves to it. "It is a gesture of solidarity with teachers, teachers and scientific institutions, which Minister Czarnek is threatening with repressions for supporting the Women's Strike," the organizers of the protest announced.

The protesters "demand that the ministry withdraw from threats of financial and disciplinary consequences against scientific institutions and teachers supporting the Women's Strike, the dismissal of Przemysław Czarnek as the minister of education and science, the introduction of reliable sex education to schools and free access to safe and legal abortion in Poland."

One of the people protesting in front of the MEN suffered hand contusion while trying to tear out the grating protecting the glass of the police car. Another person required medical attention after having glued her hand to the entrance gate to the building with quick-drying glue.

The protesters then moved to the police station on Wilcza Street, where those detained during the protest were previously transported.

"The accusations against me are false. Protesters invent crazy things. People shouting “ministerless education” or “free abortion” love anarchy. Actions they call freedom have nothing to do with it. There is no freedom without responsibility," said the minister of education and science Przemysław Czarnek.

The head of the MEN, when asked about the return of students to full-time education, said that it would be gradual. "If there is a necessity to further restrict the mobility of society, the youngest years, whose remote learning is the least effective, will return to school first", he explained.

The politician also announced that next talks with trade unions about how to change working conditions and teachers' salaries for the better will take place in spring.