Commission investigating cases of sexual abuse of minors starts work

The state commission to investigate cases of the sexual abuse of minors starts its work on Tuesday.

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The commission has been recruiting employees for several weeks and will accept motions regarding the cases of abuse as of Tuesday.

“The motion can be submitted personally, via e-mail or traditional mail,” Błażej Kmieciak, the head of the committee told “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

“The person submitting a report can be a victim, their family or anyone who is aware of the crime. This does not have to be a recent case, the motion can concern a situation from way back,” Mr Kmieciak added.

The commission was established in 2019, but it was in May 2020 when Mr Kmieciak was nominated as its first member. All the members of the commission were sworn in July.

The commission was created to investigate cases of the sexual abuse of minors in public, private and Church institutions. It will notify the authorities about such cases and cases of covering-up. The committee will also have a right to place people in a Register of Sexual Crimes’ Perpetrators.

“I can reveal that one of the first materials obtained by the committee will be submitted by the Ombudsman. This will be the cases known from documentaries created by Sekielski brothers and Sylwester Latkowski,” Mr Kmieciak said.