Polexit idea absurd: Foreign Minister

The Polexit idea is absolutely absurd, no major political grouping on the Polish political stage has ever formulated such a postulate, Zbigniew Rau, Poland’s Foreign Minister told Polish public radio on Tuesday, referring to some comments associating the possible veto of the EU budget with a possibility of Poland leaving the EU.

Analysis: opposition and government at loggerheads over EU budget

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“The United Right would be the last to think such a thing or to discuss it,” Mr Rau said.

In his opinion, the Polish opposition reacts in an “emotional, even hysterical way” to the perspective of the veto of the EU budget.

“The veto is a legitimate element of both negotiations and procedures in the EU,” the minister said.

It can be, as he added, compared to an emergency brake in a train car. “When there is a real threat to the basic interests or the security, using such an instrument is natural,” Mr Rau emphasised.

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The interviewee of the public radio stressed that the EU needs legal certainty. “We might have to deal with a possibility of the arbitrary, ideologised process of making decisions not only about the EU funds but with the use of them about the policies run by a country’s democratically elected parliament and government,” the Polish FM said.

Poland’s ruling Law and Justice (PiS) government, together with Hungary, is threatening to block the EU budget and recovery fund unless the European Council agrees to withdraw the rule of law conditionality mechanism which has been negotiated between Germany, the country which currently holds the EU Presidency, and the European Parliament.

The Polish and Hungarian governments argue that the EP and the EC are attempting to by-pass Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, the only vehicle in an EU treaty by which a member state may be sanctioned financially on grounds of breaching EU values.