COVID-19: We’ve got vaccine for all adult Poles says Health Minister

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski said on Tuesday that "the agreements struck indirectly with three producers secure the safety of the Polish population. We've got vaccines contracted for all adult Poles, which means nearly 30 million people."

The minister stressed that "vaccination will not be compulsory", adding that vaccine distribution centres would be established in regional blood donation and transfusion medical centres.

The official explained that vaccines were bought collectively by the EU. "We've got an European purchase mechanism. All EU member states are represented by a committee that directly negotiates with producers and purchases drugs in the name of member states. Drugs are then distributed according to the population parity and delivered to the member states," Mr Niedzielski said, adding that contracts were signed with three producers.

The minister stressed that two out of three vaccines that had undergone populational testing and generated initial testing results ensured a 90 percent resistance.

"That's the main criterion. We were also guided by another criterion, namely, which company would be the quickest to deliver the vaccine and the so-called Oxford and Pfizer vaccine turned out to be the one that can be delivered at the soonest possible time," the minister said.