Poland won't bow down before EU: dep justice min

Europe is trying to create a federal state that will “treat us to same-sex marriages” and “oust religion from the public space”, Poland’s Deputy Justice Minister Michał Wójcik has claimed.

In an interview for the “Rzeczpospolita” daily, Mr Wójcik also said the UE has long departed from the values on which it was built.

The deputy minister's comments add more friction to the relationship between Poland and the EU. The two have clashed numerous times over the past few years, and now face a tense standoff over the next EU budget, which Poland is threatening to block over a clause linking funding with respect for rule of law.

"Someone wants to create a federal state and have the possibility of influencing our legal order,” said the deputy minister, adding that “they want to treat us to same-sex marriages, adopt children by these marriages, oust religion from the public space.”

“The price is to be money,” he went on, stressing: “I say it clearly, Poland is not for sale."

While admitting that membership of the EU "is of value," he said there is no consent to violate the EU treaties and the Polish constitution. He added that his party, Solidarity Poland, which is a junior member of the ruling bloc, "firmly defends Polish sovereignty, which is not to be traded and juggled."