Positively tested for COVID-19 to be covered by Home Medical Care scheme

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski said on Monday that the government wanted all patients who have tested positive for coronavirus to be included in the Home Medical Care programme.

The remote supervision of the state of health of patients with the use of pulse oximeters and the PulsoCare app is part of the Home Medical Care programme.

Patients above the age of 55 who have tested positive for coronavirus are included in the programme automatically. Younger people, that is below the age of 55, may follow one of two available paths, which is to either form the PulsoCare form found on the Health Ministry’s website or by being assessed and qualified by a GP.

People who have been tested positive for COVID-19 will have their pulse oximeter delivered. This will be done via Polish Post. Having received the device, the recipient will start to monitor his or her state of health on his or her own.

As explained by the Health Ministry, patients under the Home Medical Care programme will be put under the remote supervision of parameters, including the level blood saturation with oxygen, body temperature and disease symptoms. Implementing running supervision of patients remaining in home isolation is necessary due to the high level of infections, the ministry argued, adding that such monitoring will be carried out on an ongoing basis, 24/7, by the Contact Centre established by the Health Ministry.

Consultants and doctors will monitor the state of patients’ health and call for an ambulance if needs be. Should a worrying situation ensue, a remote doctor consultation would be arranged for the patient.

“It is key for this process that, early enough, a doctor singles out a group of patients who due to a deteriorating state of health should be hospitalised,” the ministry explained.