Winners announced at Poland’s top movie event: Gdynia Film Festival

The main prize, the Golden Lions, was awarded to director Mariusz Wilczyński and producers Agnieszka Ścibor and Ewa Puszczyńska for the movie “Kill It and Leave This Town”. Composer Hania Rani received the Individual Prize for the music in the film “I Never Cry”.

The Feature Film Festival in Gdynia is regarded as the most important movie event in Poland, promoting the domestic film industry. This year, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event preceded mostly online.

“Kill It and Leave This Town” tells an intimate story of the film director’s unresolved conversations with his parents and him missing a friend. It is an animated vision of the city of Łódź - a repulsive and at the same time attractive industrial city, the director’s hometown. It is also a story about artists who influence children’s imaginations and their sensitivity.

A total of 14 titles representing a variety of the film genres competed for the Main Prize - the Golden Lions.

This year films of various genres were nominated, from animation - the winning film directed by Mariusz Wilczyński "Kill It And Leave This Town", through a hybrid combination of styles - “Magnezja” directed by Maciej Bochniak - to a crime story: "How I Became a Gangster, True Story" directed by Maciej Kawulski.

The group of movies competing for the main prize also included those dealing with contemporary social issues, including "Suicide Room. The Hater" directed by Jan Komasa, a Polish-Swedish movie "Sweat" directed by Magnus von Horn, "Never Gonna Snow Again" directed by Małgorzata Szumowska, and "25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomek Komenda", directed by Jan Holoubek.