BohaterOn: awards for promoting Polish history presented at grand gala

A historical reenactment group “Zgrupowanie Radosław” was awarded the Gold BohaterON award for the promotion of Polish 20th-century history and historical education, at a gala organised on Monday under the patronage of Poland’s President Andrzej Duda and public broadcaster TVP.

The promotion of Polish 20th-century history along with patriotic and historical education are seminal tasks in which accomplishment is recognised by the BohaterON award given to people and institutions excelling in the said dimensions.

The Gold BohaterON in the non-profit organisation category and the Gold BohaterON audience award went to the historical reenactment group “Zgrupowanie Radosław”.

The founder and commander of the Historical Group “Zgrupowanie Radosław” Tomasz Karasiński said that the activities of the group were a duty that would be continued to uphold the memory of the Warsaw Uprising.

“First and foremost, we bow before our heroes who are not here with us today anymore and who have been passing away moving on to the last watch in the hereafter ever more often recently. It is thanks to them this remembrance will live on in the young generation because it is thanks to them that we can meet with the youths and pass this memory on onto next generations,” Mr Karasiński said, adding that “we express one-word gratitude saying: duty. This duty always begins for us on August 1 (the date of Warsaw Rising outbreak) and concludes on July 31. And I do think it will remain this way forever and ever.”

The Silver BohaterON went to the Orlen Foundation, whereas the Bronze BohaterON was handed to Freedom and Democracy Foundation (Fundacja Wolność i Demokracja; WiD).

The WiD was nominated to the award for organising the Wolven Track Run, which commemorates members of the anti-communist resistance movement known as the Indomitable Soldiers.

Meanwhile, in the “journalist” category, the Silver BohaterON went to the history and special service team of Polish Radio’s portal. The award was granted for the designing of the internet portal that covered one of the most important battles in world history – the Battle of Warsaw 1920.

The Deputy Head of Radio Information Agency (IAR) Krzysztof Kossowski stressed that the website was translated into six languages and became one of the main tools for the popularisation of the knowledge about the Battle of Warsaw in Poland and worldwide. He also recalled that the website premiered a month before the centenary of the Battle of Warsaw.

“To date, we have noted several thousand visitors [to the site] from all around the world. We are glad that the foreign language versions have been noticed and appreciated abroad. We have received large support from the Polish Radio for Abroad and Polish embassies, which benefited from our project as from the official website telling about what the Battle Warsaw was,” Mr Kossowski said.

Other categories of the award were: a “public person”, a “teacher”, a “firm”, an “institution” and an “aficionado”.

The name of the award refers to the pan-Polish campaign “BohaterON - turn on history!”, the goal of which is to commemorate and honour the participants of the Warsaw Uprising and to promote the Polish history of the 20th century.

The BohaterON has been carried out ever since 2016 by organisations from Wrocław: Rosa Foundation and Sensoria Foundation.

The head of the BohaterON Award Committee Piotr Gliński, the Culture, National Heritage and Sports Minister, said that the awards were a tribute to all those who contributed to the nurturing of Polish history and its heroes in a significant way.

Mr Gliński added that nurturing the knowledge about the events and people important for the history of Poland was a collective duty and a great challenge. He also stressed that the BohaterON awards proved that there were firms, NGOs, institutions and private persons who looked after the historical truth through public, social and professional activities.