Małysz’s success was the trailblazer for Poland’s current ski jumping glory

Adam Małysz was the first Pole in history to win the Four Hill ski jumping tournament. Twenty years ago he started the golden era of Polish ski jumping which has continued to this day.

He was 23 years old back then and surely wasn’t expecting his further success. It was the Bischofshofen jump that started Małysz-mania in Poland and made ski jumping the country’s national winter sport. Since then, his home has become a must-see, and Małysz himself could not walk on the street without crowds of fans recognising him and asking for autographs.

He won four world championships, four World Cup championships and for olympic medals - 3 silver and 1 bronze.

Yesterday, Kamil Stoch won the 69th edition of the Four Hill tournament. In the competition in Bischofshofen, the three-time Olympic champion outclassed his rivals, scoring over 300 points. Piotr Żyła came 3rd and Andrzej Stękała 6th.