Polish film to be screened at Montreal International Children's Film Festival

Mariusz Palej's "Black Mill" will be screened at the Montreal International Children's Film Festival. The Polish premiere of the film is planned for April 2021, the Polish Film Institute (PISF) announced on Twitter on Monday.

The film has already been awarded the Youth Jury Prize during the 25th edition of the ‘International Film Festival for Children and Youth - SCHNILGEL’ in Germany, where it had its world premiere. Mariusz Palej's film also received the MARCINEK award for a feature film during the 38th ‘Ale Kino! International Young Audience Film Festival’, reads the release.

"Twelve-year-old Iwo lives in a small village. A symbolic point in this deserted place is the destroyed Black Mill - once the workplace of many parents. Breaking the prohibition on approaching the old mill, the children accidentally activate its bad energy (...). Objects and animals start to disappear. Adults are also disappearing. From a carefree little egoist, Iwo has to become a responsible, brave boy. He begins to appreciate his disabled sister - Mela. The children decide to overcome the evil power together”, reads the film’s description.

The film is based on Marcin Szczygielski's best-selling novel of the same title. The director is Mariusz Palej, and the authors of the script are Magdalena Nieć and Katarzyna Stachowicz-Gacek.

The cast includes famous Polish actors such as Marcin Dorociński, Janusz Chabior and Maria Ciunelis.

The Montreal International Children's Film Festival starts on February 27 and is scheduled to run until March 7.